Wednesday, September 28, 2011

daddy's girl

z has become obsessed with dad. Now that he is home with the kids all day, only dad can hold her and make the world right when some sky-falling problem occurs -- such as she's done with her sippy cup (take it, take it, it's burning a hole in my hand if I hold it for even 2 seconds after it's gone then my whole arm will need to be amputated if you don't take it. right. now.)

She really likes to help do the laundry. She carries the quarters and dryer sheets to the laundry room. I hand her one item at a time and she puts it in the washer/dryer. She puts the quarters in the slot mostly by herself, and then knows which buttons to push to wash (normal, cold, start) and dry (normal, start). She can say "quarter" and "soap" and "shirt" and says "daddy" whenever I hand her anything of daddy's in the process.

She wants to eat/drink nonstop. Who knew the word "water" could be so annoying. And it is completely rookie to open the fridge or pantry door in front of her. If she sees something, "EAT! EAT! EAT!" until you give it to her. And not just any thing. The THING she saw. Or she will die of starvation right now.

When this one song comes on in the car, she completely rocks out and goes crazy. The guy has a Bob Dillon type off-key voice and just alternates between saying "Something-something in the Electric Chair, the Electric Chair, the Electric Chair" and "To and Fro" over and over to some arrhythmic beat. She's got her own taste, that's for sure. (That song is on a terrible album by a great band... I don't know what they were thinking letting that guy sing.)

She does the little finger twiddle to say she wants to sing "itsy-bitsy-spider." She knows all the hand motions, and she makes some sounds here and there when she is doing it. It's definitely the beginnings of a platinum album.

As for the V-ster.... she is starting to have things to say about as well. She can hold herself up long enough that we are putting her in a chair that assists the seated position. She got a toy bouncer thing to play in since she is not too keen in laying around anymore. She wants more.

She smiles SO big when you play with her. She loves Z, even though Z is always trying to assassinate her. They are hugging and kissing or holding hands all the time. She love in the car when Zola starts playing with her car seat umbrella. She loves rattles. She can grasp and turn objects in her hands. And she still has crystal blue eyes and a deep dimple on her right cheek. And she sticks out her tongue when she laughs.

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